A Tale of Wells

A GPS based game about the public fountains in the city of Zurich and their mythical inhabitants

The product cover image of A Tale of Wells: Explore the magical fountains of
Zurich and learn more about their
A Tale of Wells

With A Tale of Wells, the visitors of Zurich city can be part of a magical adventure. Centerpoint of this adventure are the numerous public water fountains in the city, mostly overlooked in daily life. Magical creatures are hiding in them, which can tell the participants of the game more about the history of these fountains and the city.

The game was released in January 2018 and is playable on mobile. It can be downloaded for free on Android and on iOS.

2018 is the year the public water supply Wasserversorgung Zürich is celebrating its 150th birthday. For this occasion, they present this game to the public to increase awareness of the fountains in the city, since the maintenance of the public water supply is a very important part of the service of the Wasserversorgung Zürich. Additionally, the wells have information about the water's source, year of construction, and even more interesting facts, neatly packed in an engaging fairytale at the more prominent fountains of the city. These fairytales will be told with animation, text and full voiceover by the fairies of the game.

At the end of the day, the players will notice that they learned something about the wells and water supply of the city while having fun. This game makes for an entertaining and adventurous afternoon in the city of Zurich for the entire family!

When playing the game, players navigate through the city by foot and check the map on their phones. The public wells are marked on their map, and when they are near enough, they can collect virtual water. When the players find a fairy creature at one of the wells, the players can catch the fairy using the collected water. When caught, the fairy will ask them to bring it home to its own fountain. After being brought there successfully, it will tell a story involving this fountain.