Motivation wizards, armed with handmade pixels and a great deal of fun!

Koboldgames is a small game development company based in the heart of Switzerland. Focused on games with purpose, our speciality is to bring fun into many different parts of life.

We love experimenting with new mechanics to bring fun and motivation into learning, exercising, repeating or otherwise demotivating must-do's and almost every other part of life that needs to be more compelling. Each of our products is handmade, tailored to serve a special purpose and being a fresh experience for the player. At heart our games have a focus on story, originality and ambience.

What we do

  • Provide Fun Game Experience
  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Game Consulting


Fresh Food Runner
A line runner type game for PC, Mac and mobile phones, where kids learn about the seasonality of fruits and vegetables. Hurry along the street of seasons, collect food and use your awesome rocket boosters. This game is the third game made in cooperation with the PHSZ and the nutrition museum Alimentarium. Check it out for free on Google Play or App Store.


Journey of a Roach
A Point&Click Adventure in an unique environment for PC, Mac and Linux, where you can crawl along walls and ceilings. The project with the two charming protagonists and their humorous, nonverbal means of communication started within the Game Design studies at ZHdK and was published boxed, on Steam, GoG and Desura by Daedalic Entertainment in November 2013.


Yamy et les aliments
A Jump&Run game for PC, Mac and mobile phones, where kids learn about nutrition in a light, playful way. The children learn what happens when they eat too much or not enough food of certain categories and how much calories per day are needed. The corresponding teaching materials were created by the PHSZ, the game is shown at the nutrition museum Alimentarium, is available for free on Google Play or App Store.or can be played online at Alimentarium's eMuseum.



Geiser Mischa

Project Juggler and Fun Maker

G├╝nay Yasemin

Mistress of Visual Kung-Fu ...and Sound Stuff

Mauerhofer Ralf

Code Wizard and Treasure Manager

Widmer Jasmin

Digital Terraformer and Color Huntress

Woll Binan

Digital Pupeteer and Pixel Puncher

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