Motivation wizards, armed with handmade pixels and a great deal of fun!

Koboldgames is a small game development company based in the heart of Switzerland. Focused on games with purpose, our speciality is to bring fun into many different parts of life.

We love experimenting with new mechanics to bring fun and motivation into learning, exercising, repeating or otherwise demotivating must-do's and almost every other part of life that needs to be more compelling. Each of our products is handmade, tailored to serve a special purpose and being a fresh experience for the player. At heart our games have a focus on story, originality and ambience.

What we do

  • Provide Fun Game Experience
  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Game Consulting

Selected Projects

Baba Yuga

Work in progress

A dark fairytale, where you play a witch hunter girl, escorting the witch Baba Yuga to her trial. The game explores the interplay of empathy and domination and is inspired by Slavic folklore and Ghibli movies. Details about the development process are on


uFin: The Challenge

Ongoing research project

“uFin: The Challenge” is a combined survey and training game for students and employees working in the financial sector, developed in close cooperation with the University of Zürich's Center for Ethics and Department of Banking and Finance and the Zeppelin Institute Friedrichshafen's Chair of Economic Psychology and Leadership Ethics.


Plunder Planet

Research project, 2017

Plunder Planet is a physical training game based on the concept of Dual-Flow: Based on the physical and mental stress of the player, the game changes the difficulty and pace to guarantee the most optimal fitness training. This game is part of an ongoing research study. More informations and trailer are on ZHdK Game Design.


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Geiser Mischa

Project Juggler and Fun Maker

Günay Yasemin

Image Creator
and Sound Shaper

Mauerhofer Ralf

Code Wizard
and Treasure Manager

Widmer Jasmin

Digital Terraformer

Woll Binan

and Creature Creator

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