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Sphery Racer

Fitness Game for Sphery AG

What We Do

Koboldgames GmbH is the leading swiss game developer for learning, awareness and motivation games, with a focus on customized solutions.

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Video games are a new and innovative media. Through their interactive nature they allow us to design a user's motivation.

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Games increase the user's awareness and engagement with a task through playful motivation.

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Games provide a stunning experience and present a memorable product tailored to your brand.

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Games allow us to experience immediate risks in a safe environment, therefore acting as an effective tool for awareness training.

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Games and gamification improve the entire user experience of your product with immersion and engagement.


Sphery Racer: A futuristic fitness game for Sphery’s ExerCube, providing an optimal workout experience with the Dual Flow. uMed: A combined survey- and training game for students and employees working in the medical sector. A Tale of Wells: A GPS based game about the public fountains in the city of Zurich and their mythical inhabitants. uFin: The Challenge: A combined survey and training game for students and employees working in the financial sector. Plunder Planet: Fitness game, that adapts to the player's mental and physical stress while steering a spaceship through an alien desert. Four Seasons: Cognitive-motor training game for fall prevention of older adults with an impaired mobility, using the Dividat Senso Plate. Das Grundwasser: An educational game about groundwater with a laboratory to make experiments. Fresh Food Runner: Fast learning game about the seasonality of fruit and vegetables with a shopping cart with rocket boosters. Yami et les Aliments: Fun and cute one-button game for children to learn about calories and balanced nutrition.

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Why Games?

Serious Games and Gamification have already been successfully used in sports, behaviour change, research, on-the-job training, advanced education and more.
Using this engagement, our games can help in therapy, increase awareness, or boost performance for fitness, learning or problem solving. As motivation wizards, we offer sustainable, innovative experiences for your business or research.

Our Service

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We begin all of our projects with a cooperative brainstorming workshop, to find out what your needs are and how we can help you.

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Based on the workshop, we can create a solution tailored to your problem statements.

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Since we work iteratively, you will be with us on every step of the game's development.

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You provide us with your know-how of your product and we provide you with our years of experience in game design.



About Us

Koboldgames is an experienced game developer based in Brugg, Switzerland, independently developing games since 2012. Focused on games with purpose, motivation design and gamification, our speciality is to bring fun into many different parts of life.

The avatar of Binan Woll

Binan Woll

Motionmancer and Creature Creator

Animation, graphic and game design. Would love to fill the complete office with cats.

The avatar of Mischa Geiser

Mischa Geiser

Project Juggler and Fun Maker

Creative Lead, programming and game design. Would love for every day to be sunny.

The avatar of Jasmin Widmer

Jasmin Widmer

Digital Terraformer

Social Media, graphic and game design. Transforms coffee into art.

The avatar of Ralf Mauerhofer

Ralf Mauerhofer

Client's Knight and Treasure Manager

Client executive, accounting and game design. Sees the world in 1 and 0.

The avatar of Yasemin Günay

Yasemin Günay

Image Creator and Sound Shaper

Sound, graphic and game design. Would give up world domination for vanilla ice cream.

The avatar of Julian Schönbächler

Julian Schönbächler

Code Constructor and Technomagician

Programming and research. Totally not a robot.

The avatar of Eleanore Young

Eleanore Young

Codebender and Popcorn Pyromancer

Programming and infrastructure maintenance.



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