Baba Yuga

An interplay of empathy and domination inspired by Slavic folklore and Ghibli movies

The product cover image of the game Baba Yuga.

In this dark fairytale your mission as a small witch hunter girl is to bring the witch Baba Yuga to her trial. On this journey you will develop a relationship with her and discover her hidden powers.

For some years Koboldgames wanted to realize an original production that is targeted for the indie game market as a more entertainment-focused part of our portfolio. In 2017 we found a way to realize this in form of a dark fairytale game.

Baba Yuga is still in development. The game is made from scratch by a completely new development team at Koboldgames. Our core team is taking part in a mainly project managing capacity. We are delighted to work with Livio, Sarah and Andi on this game, as we are pairing their unlimited creativity and enthusiasm with Koboldgames' years of experience in game production.

This game receives support from the Swiss Arts Council’s newly developed "Culture and Business" programme.

If you are interested in this game, we suggest that you check out the development blog on or follow Baba Yuga on Twitter and Facebook!